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preet nagar


Want to get out of town and go spend some time on your own or on a collaborative project with a friend? We have just the right space in mind.Away from everything you are used to, being in a new place forces you to be alert and in the present. The best state to observe or create.

Stairs to the roof of the 1930's heritage residency building

"It's two years since I was at Preetnagar in body, so my mind has had time to unpack the items from my experience destined to stay with me. There are many. I loved the building with its seemingly infinite number of doors and windows and its subtle nods at Art deco. I loved taking my food on a porch overlooking the fields of Punjab. I loved the warm welcome of our hosts and family, hospitality and talent with a true heart. I love the fact that I didn't think I had done much work while there, but that it has led to new ways of thinking about my practice. And I love the fact that there is an aching in me to go back."

Debora M, London. 2018

"The fourth generation of Gurbaksh Singh ‘Preet Lari’s family refurbishing old houses in the township from the 1930’s to recreate the vision of their forefather, and to provide a sense of community living. " Homegrown

Horseman 2


Preet Nagar
District Chogawan, Near Lopoke,
Amritsar, Punjab.143110


Flight: Airport is 20 mins away
Train: Station is 30 mins away
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