Wesley John Fourie, Textile art | New Zealand



Aileen blaney, Film | Ireland & Bangalore

Krishna Luchoomun, Installation | Maldives

Gavati Wad, Performance Arts | Bangalore

Raghavendra Rao, Film | Vancouver & Bangalore

Athul Jith, Film | Bangalore

Ikroop Sandhu, Animation & Embroidery | Dharamshala

Kanza Fatima, Photography | Delhi

Taha Ahmad, Photography | Lucknow

Manvi Bajaj, Embroidery | Bangalore

Nina Celada, Film | Bangalore/France

Rachi BurjupatiContemporary Art | Bangalore

Sreshta Suresh, Film | Bangalore


Anish Sarai, Photography | MumbaiDevika Swarup, Art | New Delhi
Arjun Nair, Getaway | Mexico
Nina Bhaika, Read a book | Chandigarh
Tara Grewal, Read a Book | Chandigarh
Simran Chahal, Read a Book | Chandigarh
Vishakha Jindal, Photography | New Delhi
Mourya Dandu, Photography | Mumbai
Paramatama Siri Sadhana, Film and Sound Design | New York
Debora Mo, Visual Art & Writing | London
Jasmine Singh, Yoga | Amritsar
Rohini Ahuja, Read a Book | Shimla
Sanjeev Chahal, Writing | New Delhi
Yohan Rodericks, Getaway | Chandigarh
Paula Fraile, Painting | Spain

With an immense amount of effort from a team of close to 75 people – Preet Nagar Residency was restored and made more liveable & loveable. Remaining true to the old aesthetic and the vision of Preet Nagar – this community of artists was brought alive by our residents as we all worked by day and caught up over bonfires, warm conversations over beaten coffee and long evening walks in the fields.

Interactive installation by Sadhana|at Jehangir's Aaram ghar

Sadhana ended her stay at the residency with an installation at Jehangir’s Rest House in Preet Nagar. She wanted to explore an imaginary conversation that Noor Jehan could have had with her lover Jehangir, asking him why he was brutally punishing the Sikh Gurus and their children.

Sadhana worked on a sound art piece using electronic sound and the harmonium along with her studies of the Sikh texts of Gurbani. An audience of the local community later was requested to write a love-note to anyone they wished. Women wrote to their brothers, grandmothers & grandfathers wrote to their long lost friends , children wrote to their mothers and young men wrote to lovers they haven’t yet met.
An old friend of Preet Lari magazine brought his sound system from the neighbouring village Lopoke and everyone ended the evening with hot tea and samosas.

Site specific installation by Debora Mo |at the brick kiln.

Debora Mo is a London based artist who works with a variety of materials to create sculptures and installations which often question, comment or play puns on themes like gender and the body. In this site specific installation she takes inspiration from a friend’s nightmare.

2014 -15

What’s most exciting about working with space is that the possibilities are as vast and expansive as space itself! 2014 was the Big Bang of Preet Nagar Residency when we opened up our beautifully envisioned 1930’s style art deco house to artists. At this point the house needed a lot of work but we worked with the character that old buildings carry so well.
Our first season saw a mix of writers, musicians, performers, photographers & film- makers living as a community at Preet Ghar. We listened to classical and world music as we worked on personal work, collaborations and community projects.

Nicholas RixonRohini Kejriwal, Tsohil Bhatia, Ella Barak & Aman Randhawa – thanks for a great start to the winter with our first residents ever!